Information about International Driver License.

What is The International Driver's License?

The International Driver License or International Driver Permit is a document translated the Original Driver's License and with which the Original Driver's License give you the right to drive a motor vehicle in more than 150 countries worldwide. The International Driver's License does not substitute the Original Driver's License and must only be used as an additional document, when you travel abroad. The information in a few languages, that helps you explain to the police officer the designation of The International Driving License and your rights to drive motor vehicles in the designated country, which is based on the verdict of the United Nations.

Order the translated Document from our company:
1. the Booklet in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese)
2. check the status of your order on the web site at any time
3. receive answers to all your questions by email 7 days a week
4. documents issued from our company meet all requirements of UN
5. fast application processing of only 24 hours with fast delivery options.
6. complementary non-government ID card.

Registration of the Document online.
All unofficial International Driver's Document that are issued by International Automobile Alliance, Inc. or the companies of our agents in any country, will be registered at It will help you to check if your Decumbent was issued by International Automobile Alliance or our agents in any country. The information will be available at this web site until a registered IDL is valid.

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